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Dedication: To all the members of Harmony #96. Especially the ladies who influenced my life as a Rebekah, woman, and friend: Helen VanDenBos, Mildred Littrell, Betty Tilson and Clara Moore. 

To my much loved mother, Myrtle Turnbull and my sisters Jerry Pittman and Rose Bollig.  To my nieces Raedeane Pegoraro, Peggy Henry, Carol Trujillo and Mira Pittman.  To me fantastic daughter Valerie Lehne.  These ladies are not only family, but each is a true Rebekah Sister.

Goals: To continue to increase membership and encourage not only growth but Active members as well. To put the fun and true friendship back in Rebekahs.  To stamp out negativity, back biting and hatefulness and bring back love, patience, kindness and most of all forgiveness.

Emblems: Angels, Christmas Trees and All things Christmas.

Fun Emblem: Santa Claus

Bible Character: Esther-because of her graciousness and courage.

Colors: Christmas Red and Christmas Green

Mottos: Why can't everyday be like Christmas?  Is your cup half full or have empty?

Flowers: Red Rose -for love; Red Poinsettia-Christmas Flower; White Lily-Christ's purity.

Scripture:  Luke 2: 10-13 (New English Version) I have good news for you: these is great joy coming to the whole people. Today in the city of David a deliverer has been born to you-the Messiah, the Lord. And this is your sign: you will find a baby lying wrapped in his swaddling clothes, in a manger. All at once there was with the angel a great company of the heavenly host, singing the praises of God!

Songs: Why Can't Everyday Be Like Christmas?;  There's a New Kid In Town; Born to Die; and The Circle Of Life

Fun Song: Jingle Bell Rock

Patriotic Song: The U.S. of A.

Hymns: Evening Prayer;  When He Was On The Cross, I Was On His Mind.

Projects:  (Undecided at this time) Something related to Friendship House or the Campground, that will benefit our residents and members.


President: Kathleen Wells
Vice-President: Janice Parker-Knight
Warden: Linda Blancett
Secretary: Raedeane Pegoraro
Treasurer: Betty Wrenfrow
Jr. Past President: Stacy Mortenson
IARA Representative: Sharon Sells
Marshal: Bretina Hunt
Conductor: Brenda Brand
Chaplain: Rose Bollig
Inside Guardian: Betsy Strawn
Outside Guardian: Aggie Henderson
Musician: Karen Henning
1st Page: Linda Davis
2nd Page: Darlene Danner
Right Herald: Marjorie Wrenfrow
Left Herald: Margaret Mortenson
U.S. Color Bearer: Sandra Allmon
Colorado Color Bearer: Jeannie Wixson
Rebekah Color Bearer: Barbara Jo Wheeler
Theta Rho Color Bearer: Viola Dewberry
IARA Color Bearer: Linda D. Goetsch
Canadian Color Bearer: Benita Hammond
Goodwill Ambassador: Jackie Schneiderwent
R.S. Goodwill Ambassador/Soloist: Dianne Godfrey
L.S. Goodwill Ambassador: Evelyn Scott
Right Supporter to Chaplain: Sharon Kivisto
Left Supporter to Chaplain: Barbara Heckard
Sound Technician: Michelle Jones
Officer at Large: Heidi Palombi
Officer at Large: Janis Brown
Advisor - President: Sharon Carstens
Advisor to President and Assistant Secretary: Jerry Pittman

2013-2014 COMMITTEES

Dianne Godfrey 4
Jan Walker 46
Linda Goetsch 38
Raedeane Pegoraro PPRA-Advisor 96
Appeals & Petitions
Sharon Carstens PPRA 7
Sherri Robbins PPIARA 8
LeOna Redden PPRA 31
Assembly Room Set-Up
Linda Blancett RA Warden 57
James Coder II 78
Rose Bollig 96
Janice Parker-Knight-RA VP and Advisor 4
Assembly Sales
Veta Foster 96
Myrna Bertram 106
Alice Goodman 99
Raedeane Pegoraro PPRA-Advisor 96
Certificates of Perfection
Norma Jean Henson 31
Bonnie Pope 106
Janet Schwab 13
LeOna Redden PPRA-Advisor 31
Colorado Oddfellow & Rebekah Paper
Janice Parker-Knight-RA VP and Editor 4
Barbara Heckard 7
Michelle Jones 11
Norma Jean Henson 31
Carolyn Scott PPRA-Advisor 58
Evelyn Scott 71
Hazel Buzick 29
Helen Barton 106
Sheri Vickrey PPRA-Advisor 29
Custodian Unwritten Work
Donna Bloedel 38
Examination and Introduction
Barbara Jo Wheeler 40
Sandra Allmon 91
Brenda Brand 46
Stacy Mortenson-Advisor 8
Finance and Budget
Viola Dewberry 96
Iris Osborn 96
Barbara Heckard 7
Janice Parker-Knight-RA VP 4
Sharon Carstens-Advisor 7
First Aid
Betsey  Strawn 62
Eva Beaman-Advisor 27
Greetings to All Adult Branches
Janice Parker-Knight-RA VP and Advisor 4
Bretina Hunt 40
Sheri Vickrey PPRA 29
Linda Blancett 57
Greetings to Youth Sessions
Linda Blancett 57
Michelle Jones 11
Michelle Carstens 7
Carla Branton PPRA-Advisor 40
History PPRA CO Book
Janice Parker-Knight PPRA 4
IOOF & COFR Subscriptions
Marjorie Wrenfrow 11
Janice Parker-Knight-RA VP and Editor 4
Sherri Robbins-PPIARA 8
Edonisa Vickrey-PPRA 29
Jackie Schneiderwent-PPRA 29
Jurisdictional Youth
Bretina Hunt 40
Michelle Carstens 7
Karen Henning 38
Carla Branton PPRA-Lifetime Advisor 40
Benita Hammond 99
Darlene Danner 57
Barbara Jo Wheeler 40
Edonisa Vickrey PPRA-Advisor 29
Memorial Service
Stacy Mortenson PPRA 29
Stacy Mortenson PPRA 29
R A Elective Officers-by code
Mileage & Per Diem
Hazel Buzick 29
Delma Dooley 62
Elizabeth Dougherty 8
Betty Wrenfrow-Treasurer/Advisor 11
Planning Board
Rebekah Assembly Executive
Projects of the Order
Arthritis-Sharon Kivisto 46
Education-Margaret Kneebone 51
Living Legacy-Linda Davis 99
SOS Children's Village-Hazel Buzick 29
Visual Research-Margaret Mortenson 29
UNEP-Mira Pittman PPRA 96
Jeannette Kneebone PPRA-Advisor 51
Question & Answer Book
Elizabeth Dougherty 8
Darlene Danner 57
Betty Wrenfrow 11
Sherri Robbins PPIARA-Advisor 8
Rebekah Matters
Kim Beaton 29
Evelyn Scott 71
Linda Blancett 57
Sharon Sells PPRA-Advisor 29
R A Executive Committee-by code
Rest Stops
Margaret  Hogan 99
Carla Branton PPRA-Advisor 40
Dianne Godfrey 4
Rose Bollig 96
Veta Foster 96
Raedeane Pegoraro PPRA-Advisor 96
Silent Auction
Denise Barnhardt 38
Amie Lacome 38
Holly Henning 38
Sharon Sells PPRA-Advisor 29
Sound System
Jennifer Dawson 29
Michelle Jones 11
Sharon Sells PPRA-Advisor 29
State of The Order-Rebekahs
Pat Monger 78
Margaret Kneebone 51
Sharon Behm 54
Jeannette Kneebone PPRA-Advisor 51
State of The Order-Theta Rho
Barbara Heckard 7
Jennifer Dawson PTRAP 29
Sharon Kivisto 46
Stacy Mortenson PPRA-Advisor 29
Summer Recreation
Rose Bollig 96
Cindy Walt 7
Tiffanny Cowan 96
Sharon Carstens PPRA-Advisor 7
Teller Committee
Janis Brown 75
Norma Jean Henson 31
Brenda Brand 46
Jackie Schneiderwent PPRA-Advisor 29
Eva Beaman PPRA 27
LeOna Redden PPRA 31
Marjorie Wrenfrow 11
UNEP Essay Contest
Mira Pittman PPRA-Advisor-Chairman 96
Beth Waters 96
Pattie Adams 7
Marilyn Horton 96
Unfinished Business
Sandra Allmon 91
Benita Hammond 99
Evelyn Scott 71
Jerry Pittman PPRA-Advisor 96
Web Site
Mira Pittman PPRA-Webmaster 96
Web Hosting Companies