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Janice Parker-Knight

Dedication: To all the Pasts of my life: PPTRA- Jeane Knight (Mother) and Alyssa Parker (Daughter-in-Law); PPRA- Judy Donnelly (Sister); PG Rulers-Todd, Clay and Chad Parker (Sons); PG Patriarch- Jim Clair (Uncle); and PGM Bill Whiting (Husband) for their love and support to me and their dedication to the order.
(Janice is also a PPTRA and PPRA)


Emblems: Key: Unlock (open) Opportunities for Odd Fellowship and 
Native Colorado Blue Butterfly.

Flowers:  Blossoms of our Fruit Trees: Apricot, Apple, Cherry and Peach.

Colors: Pink, Aqua, Coral and Turquoise

Bible Verse:  Proverbs 3:5-6

Fun Songs: Popcorn Poppin' on the Apricot Tree 
High Hopes (Frank Sinatra)
Kindness Begins with Me

Hymns: I can Only Imagine

Patriotic Song: America the Beautiful

Bible Characters: Ruth and Naomi

Projects:  Cancer Awareness and Research in Memory of those Odd Fellows and Rebekahs we've lost; Rebekah Assembly needs; joint project with Grand Master (TBD)


Vice-President: Linda Blancett
Warden: Michelle Jones
Secretary: Raedeane Pegoraro
Treasurer: Betty Wrenfrow
Immediate Past President/Goodwill Amb.: Kathleen Wells
IARA Representative (seated): Stacy Mortenson
Marshal: Betsy Strawn
Conductor: Linda Hudgens
Chaplain: Bretina Hunt
Inside Guardian: Janis Brown
Outside Guardian: Elizabeth Thomas
Musician: Karen Henning
1st Page: Joyce Conger
2nd Page: Beth Waters
Right Herald: Connie Standard
Left Herald: Margaret Mortenson
U.S. Color Bearer: Benita Hammond
Canadian Color Bearer: Sandra Allmon
Colorado Color Bearer: TBA
Rebekah Color Bearer: TBA
Theta Rho Color Bearer: TBA
IARA Color Bearer: TBA
Sound Technician: Michelle Jones
Advisor - President: Sharon Carstens
Advisor to Vice President: Jackie Schneiderwent 
Assistant Secretary: Jerry Pittman
Courtesy Officer: Sharon Kivisto
Courtesy Officer: Barbara Heckard

2014-2015 COMMITTEES
(to be added)

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