Campus of Care
Big Thompson I & II 
                                                          224/230 N. MONROE AVE.                                                            
Phone (970) 667-4195
Fax (970) 613-1980
Administrator: Tina Stinnett
Big Thompson Manor I                                                                                                  Big Thompson Manor II
224 N. Monroe Ave.                                                                                                         230 N. Monroe Ave.
Loveland, CO 80537                                                                                                           Loveland, CO 80537

An invitation to a wonderful way of life for Senior Citizens, and Handicapped/Disabled

Big Thompson Manors is an apartment community that is designed for older adults who are at least 62 years of age, or persons that are disabled or handicapped.  We have two Manors:  Manor I-was founded in 1969 and has 58 units.  It offers 12 Section 8 studio units and the remaining units are set at affordable rates.  Manor II- was founded in 1984 and offers 60 units all of which are Section 8.  Both of our Manors are sponsored by the Colorado Grand Lodge Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

Our Community is located in close proximity to the City Library, Recreational Center, Senior Center, mediical and dental offices, retail business, churches and public transportation.

Big Thompson Manors features community rooms with full kitchens to be used by the residents for a variety of social, educational, and recreational activities.  We have a library, craft, puzzle and exercise room as well for all to enjoy.  There are also laundry rooms equipped with coin-operated washers and dryers and folding tables enabling our residents to do their laundry on site.

Management office is located on site for ease in communication for all our residents and guests.  We offer a 24 hour emergency service-also during Holiday and weekend hours.