Photo by Dan -Instant Professional Photography

Lady Sheri Vickrey​


​President- DALAPM


Colors: ​ Purple, Gold and White

​Emblem: Lighted candle to light our Auxiliaries and Association.

Flower:​  Carnation

Guides:​ Holy Bible, Code of Laws, LAPM Ritual, and Past Association Presidents

Hymn:​  All things Bright and Beautiful

Scripture:​ Matthew 5:15: "Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel,

​but on a candlestick; and giveth light unto all that are in the house."

 Prayer:​ The Prayer of St. Francis

Song:​ "Let There Be Peace on Earth" and "HE"

Theme: ​ "THOUGHTFULNESS": Be thoughtful in all we think, say and do. 

Think before we speak as once the words are out of our mouth

we can never take them back.

Projects:​ To promote the L.A.P.M. and invite our Sister Rebekahs into our Auxiliaries.

​The Money collected this term will be for the needs of the Association. 

DALAPM Officers 2017-2018

Vice President: Lady Carla Branton (9) PP

​Secretary: Lady Edonisa Vickrey (15) PP

​Treasurer : Lady Barbara Jo Wheeler (9) PP

Jr. Past President: Lady Kathy Jones (15) PP

Officer of the Day: Lady Sherri Robbins (15) PP

Officer of the Guard: TBD

​Color Sergeant: Lady Sharon Leonard (8)n

Chaplain: Lady Betty Wrenfrow (15) PP

Sentry: Lady Barbara Heckard (8)

Picket: Lady Jerry Pittman (8) PP

U.S. Color Bearer: Lady Mira Pittman (8)

​Canadian Color Bearer: Lady Connie VanDresser (8)

​International Color Bearer: Lady Janice Parker-Knight (8)

​Aid to Chaplain: Lady Eva Beaman (15)

​Musician: Lady LeOna Redden (9) PP

Department Association​

​Ladies Auxiliary Patriarchs Militant

Photo by Dan - Instant Professional Photography