Glen Conger


Grand Patriarch

Dedication:​ To my family and especially my wife Joyce who supports me in all my endeavors!

Emblem: ​Ear of Corn

Colors: Colors of Fall- Yellow, Burnt Orange, Red and Brown

Flower: Daisy

Motto: Let us show the way!

Goals: To raise the membership in the Encampments and LEA's.

Bible Verse: Matthew 22:39- and the second is like unto it, thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

Watchwords: Integrity, Honesty, Diplomacy

Hymn: Hold to the Iron Rod

Songs: Til My Last Day- by Justin Moore, and Angel Eyes -by Jeff Healy Band

Project: To fix, repair, or replace any Grand Encampment Regalia or pocket jewels.

Official dress: Good denim blue jeans, long sleeve flannel shirt in my colors, black shoes and a provided bolo tie

​Grand Encampment Officers


​Grand High Priest - Roy A. Kelly

Grand Senior Warden - Robert D. Kelly

Grand Junior Warden - Vacant

Grand Scribe - Doug Pittman

​Grand Treasurer - Raymond Pittman

Jr. Past Grand Patriarch - Calvin Wise

Grand Marshal - Raymond Pittman

Grand Inside Sentinel - Gale Conger

​Grand Outside Sentinel - Michael Reeves

​Grand Representative - Raymond Pittman


Grand Encampment Officers

Photo by Dan -Instant Professional Photography