Chair empty for Grand Matriarch LeOna Redden

​Grand Ladies Encampment Auxiliary


Photo by Dan - Instant Professional Photography

LeOna Redden


Grand Matriarch

Dedication: To my mother Ruth McCartney; To my family who has helped me in all of my activities. 

To all of my brothers and sisters for their support and love in this fraternal order. 

Theme: St Patrick's Luck of the Irish

Colors: Green, Black Gold

Flowers: ​ Irish Heather and the Shamrock

Emblems: Shamrock, Leprechauns, Rainbows and Pot of Gold

Scripture:  1 John 4:19 We love because he first loved us.

Prayer: An Irish Blessing

Songs: "Irish Lullaby" and " When Irish Eyes are Smiling"

Fun Song: Who put the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder

Project: Needs of the Grand L.E.A. offices.

Official Dress: Green Blouses, Black skirts/slacks

(Grand Matriarch will provide White and Gold scarves.)


Grand High Priestess: Edonisa Vickrey (1)

Grand Senior Warden: Rhonda Green (13)

Grand Junior Warden: Sheri Vickrey (10)

Grand Scribe: Mira Pittman (10)

Grand Treasurer: Jeannie Wixson (13)

Grand Marshal:  TBD

Grand Sentinel: Barbara Jo Wheeler (38)

Grand U.S. Color Bearer: Rose Bollig

Grand Colorado Color Bearer: Janice Parker-Knight (21)

Grand Musician: Carla Branton (39)

1st Watch: Janis Brown (13)

2nd Watch: Jerry Pittman (10)

3rd Watch: Jessie Conger (39)

4th Watch: Norma Jean Henson (39)

1st Guard of the Tent: Barbara Heckard (10)

2nd Guard of the Tent: Rose Bollig

3rd Guard of the Tent: Cindy Walt (10)

4th Guard of the Tent: Twila Hillis (39)

Courtesy Page: Connie Van Dresser (10)

Courtesy Page: Raedeane Pegoraro (10)

Courtesy Page: Kathy Wells (10)

Courtesy Page: Marilyn Horton (10)

Jr. Past Grand Matriarch/Honorary Past Grand Matriarch: Joyce Conger (39)

​Photo by Dan -Instant Professional Photography