​Grand Ladies Encampment Auxiliary


Joyce Conger


Grand Matriarch

Dedication: I dedicate this year to my family, especially  my husband Glen who brought me into this organization. 

Their support means everything to me.

Emblem: Smiley Face

Colors: Colors of Fall - Yellow, Burnt Orange, Red and Brown

Flower: Sunflower

Motto: Smile! It makes people wonder what you're up to!

Goals: To increase the membership in Ladies Encampment Auxiliary's and Encampments.

Bible Verse: Matthew 22:39 - And the second is like unto it, thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

Watchwords: SMILE! - Be happy, LOVE

Hymns: Amazing Grace

Song: Just Be Happy

Project: Any Grand Ladies Encampment need.

Official Dress: Blouse in Yellow, Burnt Orange, Red or Brown, Long black skirt and provided scarf.


Grand High Priestess: LeOna Redden

Grand Senior Warden: Edonisa Vickrey

Grand Junior Warden: Rhonda Green

Grand Scribe: Mira Pittman

Grand Treasurer: Jeannie Wixson

Grand Marshal: Sheri Vickrey

Grand Sentinel: Barbara Jo Wheeler

Grand U.S. Color Bearer: Rose Bollig

Grand Colorado Color Bearer: Janice Parker-Knight

Grand Musician: Carla Branton

1st Watch: Jessie Conger

2nd Watch: Norma Jean Henson

3rd Watch: Janis Brown

4th Watch: Jerry Pittman

1st Guard of the Tent: Twilla Hills

2nd Guard of the Tent: Cindy Walt

3rd Guard of the Tent: Vacant

4th Guard of the Tent: Barbara Heckard

Courtesy Page: Connie Van Dresser

Courtesy Page: Kathy Wells

Courtesy Page: Raedeane Pegoraro

Courtesy Page: Marilyn Horton

Jr. Past Grand Matriarch: Sharon Leonard

​Photo by Dan -Instant Professional Photography