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Rebekah Assembly Officers


President of Rebekah Assembly


Dedication:  I dedicate my year first of all to my family.

To my Sisters Jerry and Kathy, and their families, Ray and Rockey,

and especially my Niece Raedeane who all have supported and encouraged me. 

Then to my Children Jeff, Jon and Brian. 

To my brothers and sisters of this great order,

I thank you for your love, support and encouragement.
Motto:  Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Be kind one to another, because you do not know what crosses they carry.

Emblem: Bear

Colors:​ Red and Black

Flowers:  Red Roses and Yellow Roses
Bible Verse:​ "I am the Light of the World, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness,

but will have the light of life" - John 8:12

Songs:  The Lighthouse, Oh Holy Night, and Hallelujah

Fun Song: Boot Scoot Boogie

Patriotic Song:​ America (The National Anthem)

Goals:​ It is my goal to enjoy our friendships and to increase our order by lovingly inviting

those who are from the local lodges to participate at the state level. 

We have so many wonderful talented ladies on our local lodges,

and to see them move on upward would be such a blessing for our Rebekah Assembly. 

)(Plus we have lots of fun!!)

Projects:  My heart is with the staff and residents of the Legacy Center in Canon City,

so my projects would be to provide portable/roll about popcorn poppers for each building

and new "Wii" games for each building.

Vice-President: Janis Brown (138)
Warden: Megan Gilland (96)
Secretary: Raedeane Pegoraro  (96) PPRA
Treasurer: Betty Wrenfrow (11)
Immediate Past President: Michelle Jones (11) PPRA
IARA Representative (seated): Janice Parker-Knight (4) PPRA
Marshal: Betsey Strawn (62)
Conductor: Margaret Hogan (99)
Chaplain: Brenda Brand (46)

Musician: Karen Henning (38)
Inside Guardian: Margaret Kneebone (51)
Outside Guardian: Aggie Henderson (4)

Right Herald: TBD

Left Herald: Margaret Mortenson (29)

U.S. Color Bearer: Karen Baklouti (57)

Colorado Color Bearer: Benita Hammond (99)

Canadian Color Bearer: TBD
1st Page: Bretina Hunt (40)
2nd Page: Evelyn Scott (71)
Rebekah Color Bearer: Sandra Allmon (91)
Theta Rho Color Bearer: Joyce Conger (65)
IARA Color Bearer: Scarlette Townsley (46)

Traveling Goodwill Ambassador:  Joyce Conger (65) 

Session Goodwill Ambassador: Past Assembly President's 

Right Supporter to Chaplain: Sharon Kivisto (46)

Left Supporter to Chaplain: Barbara Heckard (7)

R.S. Goodwill Ambassador: Romona Bryant (4)

L.S. Goodwill Ambassador: Joy W. Hoyt (4)

Flag Escort: Cindy Walt (7)

Flag Escort: Beverly Gann (96)
Officer at Large: Marilyn Horton (96)
Advisor to President: Edonisa Vickrey (29) PPRA

Assistant Secretary: Jerry Pittman (96) PPRA