Odd Fellow and Rebekah

Educational Pilgrimage for Youth

2017 Information

The 2017 program will start 8 July 2017.  ALL students have been chosen from Lodges, Districts and State competitions.

Those going on the Pilgrimage this year will be:

Colorado tour Leader: Karen Baklouti (Arvada Rebekah)

Sponsor and Student

Grand Lodge : Matthew Logan (Canon City)

Rebekah Assembly : Emily Reynolds (Canon City)

Rockey Mt. #2 Odd Fellows: Ethan Pierson (Golden)

Canon #7 Odd Fellows/Harmony Rebekah #96: Gillian Hardy (Canon City)

Pueblo Odd Fellow #8: Jazmine Wolf (Pueblo)

Boulder Odd Fellow #9: Eva Martinez (Boulder)

Seven Star Rebekah #91: Anthony Jewell (Basalt)

District #10: Mädchen Craig (Thornton)

District #11: Kaylee Coffman (Golden)

Marie Chisholm (Rebekah Member): Mirakle Wright (Lakewood)